Let Edge House Managers “Edge-U-Cate” you on and liberate you by how it manages your home under your direction!

Let Edge House Managers give your home the “EDGE” that it needs.


What We Do

My main goals and objectives are to have you articulate your goals and to achieve those goals for you by following your lead, and be certain you make the right and best decisions for you, and your home with your input, everything you want, Edge House Managers will make this happen. Edge House Managers will be your #1 choice to facilitate all aspects of your home, whether it is downsizing to a smaller home or condo, all from start to finish.

  • Edge House Managers will help edit, organize, pack, and help you get started in your new home. Edge House Managers will coordinate everything for your move so you will not have to lift a finger. It will be a seamless transition.
  • Managing your home errands to restocking the fridge, finding the right wine, going to different stores for you, organization for any and all and all rooms, setting up a 2nd residence, Edge House Managers will handle it all; to preparing your house to be sold, Edge House Managers can match you up the right real estate agent for your exact market, the top moving companies, as well as edit, organize and pack. Edge House Managers will provide help with staging your furniture placement, hire house cleaning, tagging items, hiring contractors, paint, from A to Z.
  • Planning a renovation? Edge House Managers can help with quotes and estimates, whether it is roofing, plumbing, painting, flooring or landscapers, air conditioning, alarm systems, etc… Edge House Managers has all the best contacts for any type of needs.
  • Looking for an estate auction, Edge House Managers will organize and manage all the follow through. Donating or looking to sell some of your belongings, leave it to Edge House Managers to complete this project.
  • Need me to run your errands or take care of simple everyday problems that may need attention? Edge House Managers does it all. Looking for someone to stay at home while waiting for a contractor to show up? Edge House Managers will do that too!
  • Want follow-up visits? Not a problem! Edge House Managers can schedule to come back for follow ups to see the systems are working for you.
  • No task is unmanageable! Client Service is Edge House Managers number one priority and being there for you every step of the way, coupled with a can-do attitude is what Edge House Managers do. Nothing is impossible. Edge House Managers take every precaution and have practices in place to cope with Covid 19.

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I was raised in the Washington Metropolitan region and have lived in the Chevy Chase area for the past 24 years. I began in this business by initially being a General Manager of a high-end Condominium in Bethesda, Maryland. It turned out that I became a great conduit for people and was asked to assist people moving in and out of their homes, organize, manage, and connect them with various vendors. I have aided real estate agents on projects. I started doing this business on the side for people for the last 15 years.

I am passionate, enthusiastic, and love what I do. I am 100% there for my clients and am always available to them. I bring everything to fruition for you. I want my clients to be above and beyond thrilled that they worked with Edge House Managers.